What is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? 

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What is Virtual Staging & How Does It Work? 

The concept of real staging is very old and has been used by real estate agents since the 1970’ss. Despite being in use, many home sellers, home buyers, and real estate agents till now are not able to conceptualize this concept. Therefore, this concept needs to be defined properly, as it can give a boom to the property.

The term Virtual Staging basically means adding the furniture and decor digitally to a picture of the property so as to increase the appeal and value of the property.

What role is being played by the 3-D Software and gaming technologies?

Top virtual staging companies do use 3-D software and gaming technologies so as to make the furniture indistinguishable from the physical furniture. For instance, the potential buyers sometimes are very confused about the actual size and the potential of the property. It is difficult for them to make a decision. Virtually staged pictures make it very easy for homebuyers to easily realize the full potential of the space or the home. Virtual staging makes the buyers excited about the size of the space, its intended use of it, and its true potential of the space.

How can the 3 D Floor plans actually help you?

  1. Graphic designs: – We have thereby helped the realtors and the real estate developers to transform the rough sketching into stunning and three-dimensional renderings as it eventually helps them to realize the potential of the property in the market.
  2. Web Designing:-There can be a huge impact on a client’s potential decision, that is why you need our 3D floor plan services as it aid in the growth of the property.
  3. Branding – Our 3D floor plan services help potential buyers or renters to easily take a decision just by seeing what the finished product looks like?

Despite so many benefits, why the concept of virtual staging is still unheard of? 

The main reason behind it is that it looks the same as regular staging. i.e. (in person, physical staging). Likewise, there can be chances when you have seen only the actually virally staged rooms online, and that too without realizing it. Moreover, if we talk about the concept of home staging, it is an umbrella term that includes both physical and traditional home staging as well as virtual staging. Both types of staging make it easy to market a real estate listing, can attract more and more interested buyers, and can also increase the perceived value of a home.

In addition, even if we dig even deeper, virtual staging assess also an umbrella term that is used to edit and optimize real estate listing photos. A Virtual staging service can also mean staging an empty room or vacant house, but it can also mean

  • Removal of the existing items and adding up the new furniture and decor.
  • Changing the interior of the walls, and trimming the cabinet floors.
  • Changing flooring.
  • Changing ceilings.
  • Changing the exterior walls, trimming, or the door colors.
  • Changing the landscaping.
  • Applying a day to dusk effect on the photo of a property‘s exterior.

What are the common concerns about virtual staging?

Since virtual staging is considered to be an unfamiliar concept to many people, there are some common questions and concerns that you can have such as doe’s virtual staging look fake? What do the potential buyers actually think of the virtually staged properties? Do you need to take the perfect pictures?  How does the virtual staging actually work?

Does it look fake?

No, the concept of virtual staging has become so incredibly advanced that we can confidentially answer it. In addition, our interior designers are experts at what they actually do, and moreover, the pictures that have been staged virtually are considered to be so realistic that it becomes difficult for you to tell the difference.

What do the buyers actually think of the virtually staged homes?

However, we would strongly recommend you include both the empty and virtually staged pictures in your property listing. It would prevent agents and buyers from feeling like something was actually missing. However, it is very important that the home you are going to sell should be vacant even without the virtual staging.

Let us conceptualize this concept in a more summarised way:-

Less Virtual staging cost – The cost of virtual staging is quite literally a small fraction of the cost of traditionally staging a home.

Easy and Convenient – You do not need to move one item in the entire property so as to compete with the virtual staging. With the concept of virtual staging, the process of making furniture out and bringing the new furniture can become a massive undertaking that drives the cost up.

Fat turnaround time- Virtual staging can be done in 12-24 hours with our website and the listing thereby becomes ready to be published on the real estate market. However, with the physical staging, you need to wait 24 hours just for the initial consultation.

Unlimited Design Options: – For instance, if we talk about traditional home staging, that is dependent on the staging company’s available inventory and expertise. However, with virtual staging, we can use any piece of furniture online. The quality of the design will help you in truly show the best pieces for the space and also you do not have to worry about the logistics.

Virtual Designs translate to real-life: – Supposedly, if the buyers are satisfied with the concept of the virtual staging, he/she can actually get the identical pieces from the retail partners and therefore can easily recreate the space. We offer the best interior designs so that real agents can offer both of these standout options to the buyers.