What is a 3D Floorplan

The applications of technology and software seem to be never-ending. Almost every industry benefits from computer programs in some way, and architecture is no different. If you are about to be a part of an architectural project, you should be aware of what a 3D floor plan is.

A 3D floor plan is a visual model of an architectural project design. It’s considered 3-dimensional because it shows a bird’s eye view of all the details that go into the project, as opposed to a flat, 2-dimensional rendering of the basic structure. “3D” might be misleading, though – it is still viewed on a flat surface of a screen. The difference is in the details provided by the software. 3D models of floor plans feature every aspect of the room from the walls to the floors, windows, and doors. Every feature is clearly visible and is to scale. 3D floor plans allow architectural designs to truly come to life before entering the construction or renovation stage. Some models even include lighting details and their effects on the space.

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