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What Is Virtual Staging?

The Virtual Staging  service we provide is our bread and butter.

It is an amazing process that implements virtual furniture into your photos. With our advanced techniques, we can add furniture and other items to an empty or decorated space. As a result, you can increase the appeal of your listings and improve customer interest.

Our clients consider us to be one of the best virtual staging companies out there. Our team of virtual staging professionals has years of experience in the industry, and they can create breathtaking staging pictures that add life to your property.

Our experts provide the best quality virtual staging service the industry has today. We are the ONLY company that offers this level of realism for your home and listing.

Why Choose Us:

    1. We have a two to three business day turnaround time. Our team understands that the real estate world moves quickly. To ensure you meet your deadlines and stay ahead of the competition, we promise fast delivery.
    2. We guarantee the quality of our work. At Virtual Staging & Rendering Group, we consider your satisfaction our top priority. Our extensive ordering and review process allows us to give you the results you desire.
    3. We have an order form you can fill out to let us know what you would like done to your photos. When you order virtual home staging services from us, you specify everything you need in your picture. Our experts use this information to make the photo fit your specifications.
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Why Choose Virtual Staging?

  • Creating the room of your customers’ dreams: When you sell a listing, you market a new future to your customers. They want to buy or rent a space where they can imagine themselves living or working. With our staging, you can create a room that meets their vision.
  • Making your listing more eye-catching: A room with decorations and furniture has more visual depth and variety than an empty room. Our staging increases the appeal of your listing page by making its images more dynamic. Let the added color variance and perspective sell your space for you.
  • Improving your sales: Staged listing images increase buyer interest and sale speed. Just like traditional staging, it helps you sell or rent your property so you can move on to the next listing. In today’s online world, you need smart staging to maintain your competitive edge.
  • Saving you money on traditional staging: Online staging reduces the expenses associated with traditional staging. Traditional staging involves the costs associated with professional movers, interior decorators and furniture. Meanwhile, we can provide staging at a flat rate per image.

Want that high-end and beautiful, fully staged look for your listing? This is the perfect choice for you!

How Does Our Staging Work?

The process includes different steps that depend on the customer’s needs. Thanks to modern technology, we can create realistic photos that fit the client’s specifications. Our staging technology gives you the freedom to:

  • Add new furniture and decorations to an empty room
  • Decorate a room with existing furniture
  • Change the appearance of furniture in a room

Modern online staging services give you the power to impress your customers in ways you couldn’t before. Within a short turnaround time, we can transform the look of your room to give it the appearance your customers desire. You can change the way you market your listings to improve your business’ efficiency.


We always welcome questions about our services and products. Feel free to ask us anything you need to feel confident in your order. Just call 1800-256-5790 or send us an email at