Virtual Staging Before and After Photos

What does virtual staging look like? The photos on this page can answer that question for you. As you can see from our virtual staging before and after examples, this technology can transform your space. Discover how our services can improve your listings through these virtual staging photos.

Why Use Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging enhances the staging process by:

  • Saving you time: Traditional staging involves coordinating schedules, moving furniture and adding decorations. Thanks to virtual staging’s digital nature, we use advanced techniques to change a room’s appearance in a fraction of the time.
  • Reducing staging costs: When you pay for traditional staging, you have to consider the costs of consultants, movers and furniture. Meanwhile, we can offer a flat rate per picture that suits your budget.
  • Improving your sales: A staged room enhances your listing’s appeal and helps buyers understand your space. Now that the real estate industry has an increasing focus on online listings, you need the benefits of staging more than ever.

With virtual staging, you can use pictures like the ones on this page to enhance your business and impress your customers.

Bring an Empty Room to Life

When you need to sell an empty space, virtual staging lets you fill it with your imagination. Our examples of transformed empty spaces show that our services give you limitless design options. Add new furniture and decorations to the room that show its potential to your customers. Demonstrate your space’s purpose to the people who need it for living or working.

Add Decorations or Furniture

We can also take a room with existing furniture and decorations and finish the look. Sometimes, a room has the furniture in place, but it needs decorations to look complete. In other cases, a customer wants to add a few new pieces of furniture to change the room’s composition. With effects this realistic, we can match the virtual elements to their real counterparts.

Create a Brand-New Mood

By combining furniture, decor and image balancing techniques, we can transform the feel of your space. Perhaps you want to take a daytime room photo and reimagine the room in an evening atmosphere. Through changes in lighting and color, we can change a room’s mood to fit your specifications. We can also add and remove furniture to create a design that appeals to your target audience.

Transport Your Space Anywhere

If you want to get creative with your listing, you can change the outside environment of your room. Let us add windows or create a new view from an existing one. We can also alter the room’s ambiance to match your new outdoor setting. Thanks to modern technology, you can travel to a wide range of destinations through your virtual staging. (Please note that we recommend adding a disclaimer to any listings with these types of changes.)

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Take a look at our premium virtual staging examples: