Virtual Staging

Should You Choose Traditional or Virtual Staging?

Staging a property is a must if you hope to make a fast sale for a desirable price. Staging creates a clean and attractive environment in which buyers can picture themselves living, working, and sleeping.

But with new technologies, you may not need to hire a design team to set up furniture, art, and decor in the interiors. In fact, virtual staging now makes it possible to artificially “stage” properties for online listings using detailed graphics and designs. So, which one will help you make a sale? Which is the overall best option for your property? Consider the pros and cons of each method.

Traditional Staging

Traditional staging usually works like this: a staging team of designers and real estate experts will draw up a plan for your home or business, then hire a crew to move neutral furniture, art, and decor into each room. The goal is to make the property feel more attractive to visitors taking a tour. This process can be somewhat slow, especially because a small team will need time to move decor into every room, hang art, and position everything for best results. Traditional staging is only recommended for properties that are not vacant and that are clean and in excellent condition.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is done by the team efforts of designers and graphics experts, who will draw up designs and then paste images of decor into photographs of your property. Virtual staging is easy to modify and personalize according to your tastes, and is not limited to the designer’s available supply of decor. For example, virtual staging in New York should look very different than virtual staging in Miami, even if you’re trying to reach a global audience online. Thankfully, virtual staging makes it easy to personalize and adjust your designs for mass appeal. Also, there’s no need to hire a crew to move furniture and decor in and out of each room.

However, virtual staging isn’t going to fool people who take a physical tour of the property. That being said, you can reach a wider audience through online listings, and virtual staging will quickly and easily make your property more attractive to a global market.