What is Furniture Replacement

furniture replacementfurniture replacement

Why Choose Furniture Replacement

Our experts provide an advanced look at how we can remove your current furniture and replace it with our virtual furniture. Furniture Replacement can help your listing by:

  • Creating a brand new and refreshed look of your room:  Furniture replacement will help showcase that current room with brand new and refreshing furniture to help the potential buyer envision how that space would look updated. A room with updated ideas and furniture has more visual depth and variety than an old or messy room.
  • Improving your sales: Staged listing images increase buyer interest and sale speed. Just like traditional staging, it helps you sell or rent your property so you can move on to the next listing.
  • Saving you money on traditional staging: Furniture Replacement reduces the expenses associated with traditional staging. Traditional staging involves the costs associated with professional movers, interior decorators and furniture. Meanwhile, we can provide virtual home staging at a flat rate per image.


Why Clients Choose Us:


We have a two to three business day turnaround time. Our team understands that the real estate world moves quickly. To ensure you meet your deadlines and stay ahead of the competition, we promise fast delivery.


We guarantee the quality of our work. At Virtual Staging & Rendering Group, we consider your satisfaction our top priority. Our extensive ordering and review process allows us to give you the results you desire.

furniture replacementfurniture replacement
furniture replacementfurniture replacement

How Does Furniture Replacement Work?

The Process Includes different steps that depend on the customer’s needs. Thanks to modern technology, we can fully remove existing furniture quickly from the current state of your photo and create a realistic look on what can be done with that space.

Furniture Replacement gives you the freedom to:

  • Add new furniture and decorations to an already filled room
  • Decorate a room with existing furniture
  • Change the appearance of furniture in a room