What Is Digital Home Staging?

Digital Staging for Real Estate

Photo editing and virtual staging software give our team the power to transform your listing photos. We offer the following types of digital home staging service:

  • Virtual staging: If you need to stage an empty room, virtual staging will give you more creative control and save you money. We’ll place realistic 3D renders of furniture into a photo of your space to add new life.
  • Furniture replacement: You can also update a room’s look or add balance to a picture by replacing a photo’s furniture. We can change the appearance of the original furnishings or remove them altogether and add renders.
  • Photo retouching: We can also take one of your staged photos and make the finishing touches. Let us balance the image’s color, hide imperfections and edit the picture to match your vision.
  • 3D architectural rendering: Do you have a property in the middle of construction or renovation? Our team can create original 3D renders that show how the results will appear.

You can order one or more of these services to have complete creative control over your listing photos — we offer almost infinite possibilities.

Capabilities of Digital Staging Software

We use programs for photo editing, virtual staging, 3D rendering and more. When you order our services, we can combine these capabilities to make changes such as:

  • Creating realistic 3D furniture: Virtual staging programs and our in-house resources include catalogs of 3D furniture that we can add to your photos. These catalogs let us edit each furnishing’s appearance to match your decor.
  • Adding and removing walls or fixtures: We can change the walls and fixtures in a room to show your customers how you plan to renovate it. You can also use this service to visualize major changes before making them.
  • Changing a room’s ambiance: Transport your listing to a different time and place by modifying a room’s atmosphere. We can change the color tones, lighting and details in a picture to show it at its best.

This list shares just a few of the many possibilities our digital staging technology offers. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our capabilities.

Digital Staging Examples From Virtual Staging & Rendering Group

Go to the “Examples” option on the top menu to see example pages for each of our services. You’ll discover the potential of our digital staging technology through stunning before and after photos.

Why Choose Virtual Staging & Rendering Group for Digital Home Staging?

Thanks to our fast turnaround times, quality guarantee and detailed ordering, our clients count on us for top-quality staging photos. We’ll do business with integrity and respect for your time. After all, we understand that professionals in the real estate industry need fast and reliable services to keep moving. To learn more about our digital staging services, contact one of our representatives today.