Avoiding Real Estate Lawsuits from Virtual Staging

Computer software is a valuable tool for marketing real estate properties. In fact, the practice of real estate virtual staging has taken off with newfound popularity. It’s a great way to show prospective buyers the potential for a property. It can make empty properties look more livable, and properties under construction look more complete. But there is also a legal danger in virtual staging. Some buyers have claimed that properties were misrepresented. If you’re marketing a property, use virtual staging, but practice these precautions to protect yourself from legal disputes.

Practice Full Disclosure

If a photo is digitally enhanced, clearly label it. People won’t be opposed to looking at enhanced photos, but they will react adversely if they feel they have been fooled. As long as you’re upfront with the use of virtual staging, you won’t create false impressions.

Include Unaltered Photos

As stated before, the purpose of virtual staging is to show possibilities, but you don’t want to set up potential buyers for disappointment. By showing both current and enhanced photos, you’re demonstrating honesty while also being a good marketer. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t Conceal Flaws

You’re on dangerous legal ground when using digital enhancement to cover flaws. If you make the obviously worn 20-year-old roof look new again or delete the dead tree in the backyard, your use of virtual staging will appear to be deception. Plus, with enhanced photos, you’ve provided the evidence that a disgruntled home buyer can take to court.

Don’t Create a False Reality

You can do almost anything with digital enhancement, but that doesn’t mean you should. For instance, don’t make a room look larger than it really is in real life. At best, you’ll have disappointed clients when they see the house in person. At worst, you’ll end up in court with a misrepresentation lawsuit.

Rely on Legal Advice

if you’re unsure of how to use virtual staging in a legally safe way, check with an attorney. Getting legal advice upfront is less expensive than ending up in court.

Market Your Real Estate the Modern Way

Using virtual staging for real estate is a great way to present your property in the marketplace. It can attract more buyers and result in quicker sales. Learn more about using digitally enhanced photos by visiting Virtual Staging and Rendering Group today.

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