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Real Estate Agents & Brokers

 We can specifically help REAL ESTATE AGENTS & BROKERS fill empty rooms with Virtually Staged furniture.

Developments & Constructions

We work with DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES by making Virtual 3D Renderings from floor plans or sketches.


Virtual Staging & Rendering Services:

Virtual Staging

Geared towards REALTORS & BROKERS looking to fill their empty listing with beautiful virtual furniture.

3D Architectural Rendering

Specifically for developmental or construction companies. We can transform any floor-plan or blueprint into a 3D rendered model.
Virtually staged exterior of house

Furniture Replacement

We can replace unwanted clutter or furniture with our virtual staging furniture.

3D Floor-Plans

A great tool to turn your basic floor-plan into a beautiful design
3-d floor plan

In 2020 We Staged Over 15,000 Properties All Over The World

With over 15,000 properties staged all over the world, Virtual Staging & Rendering Group stands in a class of its own. Working with clients in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, Canada, Hawaii & Dubai we have been able to truly get a feel of what our clients expect for virtual staging.
When it comes down to making a decision of putting luxury furniture into your home. You want to be able to have confidence in a company. That is what we give you.

Virtual Staging Before & After Examples:

There’s a reason why we are considered THE BEST.

Virtual Staging & Rendering Group has created virtual staging furniture & 3d rendering projects for over $100 million in property value over the past year. The reason we & our digital staging services are growing at such quick rate is, the quality of furniture, the fast turn-around time, and our top-notch service.
Helping your potential buyers or renters visualize a space’s potential is incredibly important. Obviously, that means virtual staging can offer a wonderfully beneficial service for realtors and brokers alike. Virtual home staging services can help you enhance your web presence and presentation. Virtual staging assists you in putting forth powerful and evocative images that help people to know what’s possible in a given home or office space. Real estate virtual staging’s value should always be considered and never underestimated. Luxury virtual staging can be the difference between and offer or a pass. Using all of the digital home staging tools at your disposal will make a huge impact on outcomes.
Our 3D architectural rendering service helps any type of developer looking to transform their initial sketch or blue print into an amazing 3D render. This helps open your buyers eyes and envision what the final product can be.
We have created an amazing, virtual staging & rendering, system that allows for our real estate agents and business developers to get an amazing service for a great cost.
We know there is always a budget and that is why we have the best prices on the market!

Furniture Replacement Before & After Examples:

What Our Clients Say?

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