Virtually staged exterior of house

Why Choose 3D Architectural Renderings?

Our experts have the technology to provide photo realistic 3D renderings of your planned space at an amazing cost. 3D Renderings are a great way to show off how your exterior space could look before construction begins or during construction. 3D Renderings can help your listing by:

  • Bring in early buyers or renters before the property is complete:  3D Renderings will help showcase how a property or space can look before its completed. This can help the potential buyer or renter envision what that space will look like as its being constructed.
  • Making your property more eye-catching: An empty property will not have as much appeal without showcasing a 3D rendering in front of the space. This is an easy way to give people an idea of what will be going in that space.
  • Improving your sales: 3D Renderings of the pre-developed space will garner interest and sale speed. This can easily helps you sell or rent your property so you can move on to the next listing at an amazing price.

Want that high end and beautiful 3D Architectural Rendering look for your listing? This is the perfect choice for you!



We have a four to five business day turnaround time. Our team understands that the real estate world moves quickly. To ensure you meet your deadlines and stay ahead of the competition, we promise fast delivery.


We have an order form you can fill out to let us know what you would like done to your photos. When you order a virtual staging project, you specify everything you need in your picture. Our experts use this information to make the photo fit your specifications.


We guarantee the quality of our work. At Virtual Staging & Rendering Group, we consider your satisfaction our top priority. Our extensive ordering and review process allows us to give you the results you desire.


We have the ability to make a beautiful 3D rendering based off of any sketch, blueprint, or even floor plan to give your drawing a full photo feel. This is a great way to show off what is being built before construction has begun or while construction is in progress.

3d home render
3d render villa

More Info:

Virtual Staging and Rendering Group has provided stunning, high-quality three-dimensional renderings for properties adding up to millions of dollars in value. This continuous growth is due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, fast turnaround, and, how amazing the final products look. Architectural renders are a great way to help bring in more buyers and create a realistic look of an unfinished project. We work with development companies, real estate agents, & brokers to help bring their drawing to life!

Prices Starting at $400.00